The store contains over 4500 different health food items in the following categories:

Bulk Foods

Seeds, nuts, dried fruits, beans, rice, flours, sweeteners, grains, granola

Frozen Foods

Breads, fruit, ice cream, vegetables, meatless burgers/chicken/fish, etc.

Non-Dairy products

Tofu, cheese, butter, mayonnaise, dressings, and yogurt


Chips, caffeine-free sodas, cookies, crackers, cereals, non-dairy milks, pasta, oils, seasonings, baking goods, nut butters, honey, snack bars

Health and Beauty products

Shampoo, soap, deodorants, lotions, toothpaste, feminine products, household cleaners

Vitamins and Supplements, essential oils, protein powders

Herbal Teas and Culinary Herbs

300 varieties

Herbal Teas and Culinary Herbs